Monthly Archives: September 2011

Creating a new Thunderbird Address Book: the feature page, and some literature…

So my dream of redesigning / rebuilding the Thunderbird address book is moving forward.  Here’s the draft feature page.

I also got the Contacts add-on from Labs working (limping, rather) in Thunderbird.  Some very interesting ideas in that add-on.

I’ve also started reading some related work.  Here’s what I’ve been gazing at for the past few days:

  1. Bug 674720 (WebContacts or Contacts+)
  2. The W3C Contacts API draft spec
  3. The PortableContacts draft spec
  4. The vCard spec
  5. The Firefox Sync development documents

So, basically, I’m exposing myself to as much current work in this problem space as possible.  Is there anything else I should be reading?