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  1. MItt

    He Mike,
    I have your alert add on installed I don’t think I’m using it right. I installed it and tried to click on the ‘options’ button. It is grey(?) Is this how it is supposed to work?

  2. Mike Post author


    Hey – sorry for the slow reply!

    AlertCheck will stay hidden until you get deluged with modal dialogs (alerts, confirms, prompts, etc). After that, it’ll add a checkbox to the modal dialog that will let you suppress further dialogs from the same page. There are no preferences to the add-on, which is why the “Preferences” button is gray.

    All the best,


  3. Martin Lentink

    Hi Mike,

    I was just reading your initials specs for a new TB address book and I like it a lot. One of the things you might want to think about though is syncing. I sync my adress books between a work Exchange address book en two Ubuntu boxes at home, as well as my android phone. So whilst an arbitrary number of e-mail-addresses and phone numbers is great, you might want to think about how these can be synced. Take a look at the SyncML specs, which is what I use a lot (memotoo.com). And what I have found curious is that while contact pictures sync fine between Outlook and Android, I never see them in TB. SO I know they’re there, but TB simply uses other fields or whatever.

    Just my two cents,


  4. Nishant Singh

    Hi Mike,
    The Ubuntu Messaging menu extension does not work for me. The one we had to install for Natty worked, but the one bundled with Oneiric does not. It has no idea about a new mail arriving in my IMAP Inbox. I have filed this bug report as well:
    I don’t know if the bug is in your extension or in Thunderbird. I am inclined to say Thunderbird, since the Unity launcher integration doesn’t work as well.
    I am not the only one with this issue. I posted it on Ubuntu Forums, and I did get some comments:
    I remember a similar issue in Evolution when put in IMAP. It worked with POP. I don’t want to do that, I need it in IMAP mode.

  5. Vaikon


    If we issue a reviewboard api get request from the browser, we get an xml file returned.
    If we issue the same request from a python script we get an json file.

    How do we get the output from reviewboard api in xml format while invoking a get request from python script??

  6. Matt


    I am using Thunderbird for corporate email – I would like to use your add on for Drop Box. We have a corporate drop box instance, can I change the add on to use my corporate drop box instead?

  7. Tjareson Toland

    Hi there,

    is there anything one can do non-technical to support you regarding the development of the new address book for thunderbird?
    This is the only thing which is kind of missing to be more complete, if I think about an email-client as a solution to cover mail, calendar and address book.


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