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Hey all – this past weekend, the show I’ve been working on at the UCDP called Attempts On Her Life wrapped up.  I’m really proud to have worked on this show – it is, without a doubt, one of the most visually stunning pieces I’ve ever worked on.  Just to give a glimpse of what the show was, here are some photos from the show.  Thanks to Douglas Hamilton for permission to post these.

Attempts On Her Life Pic 1

Alex and Tara

Tom and Tara

Tom and Tara

The Camera Loves You

The Camera Loves You



Dress Rehearsal

Rehearsal - lots of computational power in this play...

I worked on sound design, and composed original music for this piece.

I’ve been asked by a few people to post the soundtrack for the show.  I’ll hopefully do that within the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Attempts On Her Life photos

  1. Brian

    Great site Mike. I’d also like to hear the soundtrack, and I’m wondering if any clips of the show itself were posted online. CU

  2. Mike

    I know that some footage was taken (how couldn’t there be any footage with 5 or so cameras on stage! 🙂 ) – but I don’t believe any of it is online yet. Certainly if any goes up, I’ll post a link here.

    Anyhow, the sound track list is up now.

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