Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Storm is Almost Over…

I haven’t written in a while.

That’s because I:

  • Completed my Voice paper
  • Completed my Voice assignment/presentation
  • Completed my CSC301 assignment/presentation (great job, guys!)
  • Performed in DRM400 scenes (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night)
  • Wrote my INI304 final test
  • Set up and helped run an entire festival of theatre events
  • Saw a host of amazing DRM200, DRM300, and DRM403 scenes
  • Had my last Voice and Movement classes here at the UCDP.

It’s really almost over.  I spoke to one of my classmates, Jiv Parasram, about how it feels to be almost done.  We both agreed that it’s a bit like being in the 15th round of a boxing match – incredible, we’re still standing, and the punches are starting to slow down.  It’s a bit numb.

But there’s still more ahead.  I have to:

  • Set up the final end of year bash for the UCDP!
  • Finish my JFK/CIA connection evidence analysis paper!
  • Write my CSC301 final exam
  • Help the UCDP Student Wellness committee draft some documents for next years’ Admin Team and student body
  • Prepare for my sisters wedding
  • Go to a bachelor party!

In other news, today I got a letter in the mail from the drama department, stating that I had successfully completed the program requirements.  Now I just need one from the Computer Science department, and New College, and I’m all set to get my degree.

Not too shabby.  Almost there.