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The Storm is Almost Over…

I haven’t written in a while.

That’s because I:

  • Completed my Voice paper
  • Completed my Voice assignment/presentation
  • Completed my CSC301 assignment/presentation (great job, guys!)
  • Performed in DRM400 scenes (Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night)
  • Wrote my INI304 final test
  • Set up and helped run an entire festival of theatre events
  • Saw a host of amazing DRM200, DRM300, and DRM403 scenes
  • Had my last Voice and Movement classes here at the UCDP.

It’s really almost over.  I spoke to one of my classmates, Jiv Parasram, about how it feels to be almost done.  We both agreed that it’s a bit like being in the 15th round of a boxing match – incredible, we’re still standing, and the punches are starting to slow down.  It’s a bit numb.

But there’s still more ahead.  I have to:

  • Set up the final end of year bash for the UCDP!
  • Finish my JFK/CIA connection evidence analysis paper!
  • Write my CSC301 final exam
  • Help the UCDP Student Wellness committee draft some documents for next years’ Admin Team and student body
  • Prepare for my sisters wedding
  • Go to a bachelor party!

In other news, today I got a letter in the mail from the drama department, stating that I had successfully completed the program requirements.  Now I just need one from the Computer Science department, and New College, and I’m all set to get my degree.

Not too shabby.  Almost there.

Navigating School Life, One Day at a Time

Once, somewhere, someone said “live life one day at a time”.

That’s basically how I’m approaching my school life, seeing as how an onslaught of due dates and final presentations is rapidly approaching.

So, in stark contrast to my proposal to “live life one day at a time”, I’m now going to list what’s going on and coming up.  You may have seen this list before, but there are updates now.

Am I freaking out?  Not really – I think things are going to work out.  Just have to take it one day at a time.