Take Those Code Review Requests for a TestDrive…

Remember how I wrote a while back that I wanted to write a script to let me do some quick and easy pre-commit continuous integration with the MarkUs project?

Well, I think I just wrote one.

Introducing TestDrive…

TestDrive will fetch a review request, grab the latest diff (yes, found an easy way past the lack of API there), check out a fresh copy of MarkUs, throw down the diff, set it up with some Sqlite3 databases, run your tests, and voila – go to localhost:3000, and you’re running the review request diff.

I’ve been using it myself for about a week or so, and so far, it’s helped me catch a number of bugs that I wouldn’t have caught just by looking at the code in ReviewBoard.  Nice.

Click here to check out TestDrive.

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