Answering some questions about Ensemble

I keep getting great feedback from the Mozilla community, and I also get some pretty great questions.

I took the questions from this post, and formed them into an FAQ for the Ensemble project site. Answers included!

As more questions roll in, I’m going to try to keep that FAQ updated.

4 thoughts on “Answering some questions about Ensemble

  1. John

    1) One of the things I would like to see is the ability to open the address book (and the calendar) independently in their own windows. I realize that a lot of people open Thunderbird (or whatever MUA they use) and never close it, however there are occasions when It would be nice to open either of these independently.

    2) Interface to LibreOffice would be a nice to have, for those of us who still have to use snail mail.

  2. Marco

    XUL is amazing for to be expanded by add-ons… I don’t feel much enthusiast by the selected html approach for the front-end.

  3. Konstantin

    ups i have posted above something by mistake my post is actually only the following:

    Hello Mike,

    I had some thought on Ensemble that I wanted to share with you.

    1. I really like the idea of Tags (family, friends, work, clients). However I would like to know if a contact is suppose to have more then one tag.
    Example: Will it be possible to have a contact Bob with the tag “family” and “crypt”. Thus the crypt tag mens that when the contact will be synchronized with some external server (Google Contacts , Zimbra , SOGo , SabreDAV, Davical, Radicale etc.) What the purpose of this tag will be to tell that server that this contact will be stored in encrypted way before being sent to the server.

    2. In the case with the synchronization it is really important that not only “Every contact provider” but also every contact has a pies of information that will be totally unique across all computers, networks, databases something like an uuid. And it will be stored in the contact database thus my question to you is will it be possible to create a Tag and assign an uuid value to it thus when synchronized with an remote server it will be known which exact single contact should be synchronized. Thus the same (uuid, serial, key) could be used (in best case) in all foreign databases already as an primary key or as an foreign key. I would like to hear also your thought on this if you already know a piece of information that could be used for that purpose?

    3. Another user “Kr1ll1n January 29, 2013 at 11:19 pm ” mentioned something that is really important in my opinion i.e. “selectable phone prefix+area code display formats”. Are you planning implementing it?

    4. I have just installed the Thunderbird Ensemble 0.1DEV version and I wanted to ask if you are already saving into a SQLite Storage Back-end I supposed that should be the file (SQLiteContactStore.jsm) kDbFile = ‘contacts.sqlite’ however I was not able to find this file in the profile I have created for Thunderbird before installing Ensemble, can you please let me know where can I find this file? I see that the contacts are still saved in mork i.e. “abook.mab”.



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