Contact Service Connector Interface Proposal Draft

Thunderbird’s new address book will not exist in a vacuum. From the get-go, I’d like to bake-in the notion that contacts can exist outside of Thunderbird, and can be sync’d with.

There are lots of different contact providers I’d like to support. Mainly, CardDAV (which got a big boost since Google’s announcement), LDAP, the System Address Book, and Facebook.

I’ve been working on an interface (the application-programming kind – not the user kind) for contact provider connectors. It’s not been easy trying to generalize across each of the different features and requirements of these contact providers, but I think I got somewhere.

Anyhow, here’s a draft of my interface proposal. Are there any glaring holes?

7 thoughts on “Contact Service Connector Interface Proposal Draft

  1. MartB

    First I like to say thank you for your project to greatly improve TB. Adress book and calendar are the future key features to use TB for real PIM.
    I hope the compatibility with synchronizing online solutions like OwnCload (CardDAV) will also be checked a little, because I think this will be the solution for private persons and small business, who like to have total control of their data while having the comfort of the (private) cloud and mobile device synchronizing.

  2. rgloor

    Hi Mike

    Regarding your Thunderbird-Ensemble RoadMap:
    I don’t know where you presently are, since it was not updated for a while.

    However, regarding the CardDAV Connector:
    Could you test that as well with the ownCloud server.

    This is becoming more and more popular.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Shmerl

    Is the work on CardDAV support still on-going or it was dropped as part of Mozilla’s resources cut in Thunderbird development?

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