The Joy of Coding (Ep. 16): Wacky Morning DJ

I’m on vacation this week, but the show must go on! So I pre-recorded a shorter episode of The Joy of Coding last Friday.

In this episode1, I focused on a tool I wrote that I alluded to in the last episode, which is a soundboard to use during Joy of Coding episodes.

I demo the tool, and then I explain how it works. After I finished the episode, I pushed to repository to GitHub, and you can check that out right here.

So I’ll see you next week with a full length episode! Take care!

  1. Which, several times, I mistakenly refer to as the 15th episode, and not the 16th. Whoops. 

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Coding (Ep. 16): Wacky Morning DJ

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    TabSubmit Basic issue

    Is the page an IQ test? I have a github account and I posted in another forum ages ago but I can’t figure how to post in your forum. I’m serious. I did Ctrl-f for everything I could think of. I have no idea how to start a thread. In – you could explain how.


    Could you enable the add-on to work with middle-click?

    I think many people are like me – we have one handed method for opening stuff up in new tabs. The keyboard shortcuts cramp my style.

    As you can image – my email is phoney.

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