Firefox Performance Update #9

Hello, Internet! Here we are with yet another Firefox Performance Update for your consumption. Hold onto your hats – we’re going in! But first a word from our sponsor: ScriptPreloader! A lot of the Firefox front-end is written using JavaScript. With the possible exception of system add-ons that update outside of the normal release cycle, […]

Firefox Performance Update #8

Howdy folks! Another Firefox Performance Update coming at you. Buckle up. But first a word from our sponsor: Talos! Talos is a framework that we use to measure various aspects of Firefox performance as part of our continuous integration pipeline. There are a number of Talos “suites”, where each suite contains some number of tests. […]

Firefox Performance Update #7

G’day folks, just another Firefox Performance Update coming down the pike1 for you, so strap in. But first a word from our sponsor:! This performance update is brought to you by The Quantum Dashboards at! The first step to changing something is to measure it over time, and once you have those measurements, […]

Firefox Performance Update #6

Hi there folks, just another Firefox Performance update coming at you here. These updates are going to shift format slightly. I’m going to start by highlighting the status of some of the projects the Firefox Performance Team (the front-end team working to make Firefox snappy AF), and then go into the grab-bag list of improvements […]

Firefox Performance Update #5

And here we are with another Firefox Performance Update! This performance update is brought to you by perf.html! perf.html is our web-based profile analysis tool. We use it to analyze profiles gathered with the Gecko Profiler Add-on which helps us figure out why Firefox is feeling slow or sluggish. It’s probably the most important performance […]