Firefox Performance Update #11

Wow, it’s been a while1 since I posted one of these. We haven’t been resting on our laurels though – a bunch of work has been going on, and I want to highlight some of the big pieces that I’ve seen go by. But first… This Performance Update is brought to you by: getBoundsWithoutFlushing For […]

Firefox Performance Update #10

Hey folks – another Performance Update coming at you! It’s been a few weeks since I posted one of these, mostly due to travel, holidays and the Mozilla SF All-Hands. However, we certainly haven’t been idle during that time. Much work has been done Performance-wise, and there’s a lot to tell. So strap in! But […]

Firefox Performance Update #9

Hello, Internet! Here we are with yet another Firefox Performance Update for your consumption. Hold onto your hats – we’re going in! But first a word from our sponsor: ScriptPreloader! A lot of the Firefox front-end is written using JavaScript. With the possible exception of system add-ons that update outside of the normal release cycle, […]

Firefox Performance Update #8

Howdy folks! Another Firefox Performance Update coming at you. Buckle up. But first a word from our sponsor: Talos! Talos is a framework that we use to measure various aspects of Firefox performance as part of our continuous integration pipeline. There are a number of Talos “suites”, where each suite contains some number of tests. […]

Firefox Performance Update #7

G’day folks, just another Firefox Performance Update coming down the pike1 for you, so strap in. But first a word from our sponsor:! This performance update is brought to you by The Quantum Dashboards at! The first step to changing something is to measure it over time, and once you have those measurements, […]