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Peer Code Review Achievements

First off, check this out:  Unit Testing Achievements for Python

Cool:  rewards for testing (or, in some cases, breaking the build…see the “Complete Failure” achievement).

And so my brain instantly goes to:  why can’t this be applied to peer code review?

@gvwilson, @wolever and @bwinton and I have been tossing the idea around on Twitter.  Here’s a list of the achievements that we have come up with so far:

  • “The Congress Award”:  review request with the longest discussion thread
  • “The Two Cents Award”:  most review participants
  • “The One-Liner Award”:  diff has only a single line
  • “The Difference-Maker Award”:  biggest diff
  • “The Awed Silence Award”:  oldest review request without a single review
  • “The I-Totally-Rock Award”:  author gives themselves a ship-it
  • “The New Hire Award”:  user has submitted 5 patches, but hasn’t reviewed any code yet
  • “The Manager Award”: reviewed patches to submitted patches ratio > 5
  • “The Code Ninja Award”:  biggest diff to get a ship-it and commit 1st time through
  • “The Persistence Award”:  diff which gets >5 review before being accepted
  • “The Bulwer-Lytton Award”:  for the most long-winded review
  • “The Ten-Foot-Pole Award”:  for the scariest review

Can you think of any more?

And while it’s fun to think of these, what would the effects of achievements be on code review adoption?  Sounds like an interesting thesis topic.

Or a GSoC project.