MyTTC and StopFinder

So maybe everybody else in Toronto knew about these mashups, but I sure didn’t.

Until this afternoon.

So here’s some free publicity for them…


New to Toronto?  Intimidated or confused by the Toronto Transit System?

If you’ve tried the actual TTC website, you may find it confusing, and lacking in beginner information.  You just want to know how to get from point a to point b.

Enter MyTTC.  Just give it your starting and finishing location, and the hour you plan to leave, and it will plot you a trip through the TTC, lickity split. Google Maps style, with instructions on where to board, and where to get off.

I could have certainly used this during my first year here.


Tired of paying too much for parking?  Think you’re getting ripped off by sketchy lots?  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a good look at the entire “parking” picture of Toronto?

Check out StopFinder.  Just give it your destination, when you intend to arrive, and for how long, and it will show you the nearest lot, the cheapest lot, and all of the other options in the area.  Also via Google Maps.

Cool and useful mashup.  I like.