Cesar Salad in my Satchel – A Cautionary Tale

There’s a little cafeteria at Innis College that I like.  My favourite menu item is BBQ’d chicken on rice with a Cesar salad – only $5.50!  It’s a lot of food, and it tastes great.  I usually get some on Mondays.

Today is Monday, and I took my meal to go.

And put the solid-looking plastic clam shell container in my satchel.

A brisk walk later, I sit down in the Playhouse lobby to enjoy my delicious meal.

I reach down and pick up my satchel, unclasp the top…

and there’s Cesar dressing everywhere.  More dressing than I thought could possibly cover a salad.  It was absolutely incredible – like a white paint can had exploded in my bag.

Have you ever had your faux-leather wallet dripping with Cesar dressing?  You don’t want to.


Anyhow, the meal was delcious, despite the Cesar salad debacle.  I highly recommend that little cafeteria.

Just wanted to share that.