Operation: Party Mansion is GO

Operation: Party Mansion just got the green light from reality:  today, my two friends, Joel and Julian, purchased a house.

So that’s phase one.  Within a few weeks, they’ll be in possession of a killer downtown Toronto property, and eventually they’ll begin renovations.

Blueprints and specs have already been meticulously examined, and plans for a dramatic renovation of the house are already being made.

By September, I (along with 3 other friends) will have moved into the renovated house.  The apartment we’ve had near College and Spadina has served us well for 4 years, but it’s too small, and we desperately want the new space.

And man, did we get space.

Deck #1.  There'll be more.

Deck #1. There'll be more.

More photos soon.

A massive thanks to Julian Rabideau and Joel Beck for making this thing a reality.  It takes guts to buy your first house, and you guys hit a home run for us, first time at bat.  Big congrats!  I’m looking forward to moving in!

9 thoughts on “Operation: Party Mansion is GO

  1. Ryan Beck

    Mike, treat my bros house nice…..I know your sisters if you don’t! Just kidding. It’s good Joel has found tennants already LOL.

  2. Mike

    @Andrew: Thanks! Will let them know!

    @David: Near Christie Pitts, between Bloor and College (not sure how much info I want to give away… there are crazy people on the internet. 🙂 )

    @Kris: Me too! I haven’t seen it yet, except photos. I’ll probably give the area a walk-about soon, though.

    @Geofrey: Thanks! 🙂

    @Ryan: Will do – I’m no rough-houser. Now, that Nick character…that’s a whooooole other story.

  3. Tara

    Wait a minute – so if you don’t treat Joel’s house nicely, Ryan’s going to beat up your sisters?


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