alertCheck Grows Up

Remember that Firefox add-on I wrote up a while back – the one that allows you to suppress annoying alert popups?

Some updates:

  • alertCheck just went public on Mozilla Add-ons after being reviewed by an add-ons editor
  • As of this writing, alertCheck has 740 downloads
  • As of this writing, alertCheck has 4 reviews – all positive

Not bad for my first add-on!

9 thoughts on “alertCheck Grows Up

  1. Mike

    Yep, confirmed. I think I see what’s going on. I’ll (hopefully) have a new alertCheck out sometime this weekend that addresses this.

  2. Mike


    Ok, I’ve submitted a patch. Give it a little while to be reviewed, and then upgrade to 0.7a. I’ve tested it, and it beats that site.

    Thanks for the bug report,


  3. john

    1. go to alert site that spawn those windows when you try to close the tab
    2. go to another website in another tab
    3. middle click first tab.

    the alerts now spawn and ticking the option doesnt do anything anymore, presumebly because the extension only works on the current visible website and not the tab.

  4. Garvan

    My biggest issue with javascript modal dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt) is that they are not modal to the existing tab.

    Consider this: I am browsing with multiple tabs, and go to a site I don’t trust, I get a modal popup that blocks all input to Firefox -I can’t close the tab that has triggered the modal dialog, without interacting with the dialog, and allowing the javascript to continue.

    What I would like to be able to do at that point, is to have a button on the dialog to ‘safely close’, that is, it will stop all javascript for the page, and close the dialog (or have the button on the dialog close the offending tab).

  5. Mike


    Yeah, I hear ya. I’m not the biggest fan of modal dialogs either.

    What you’re describing is a little out of scope for alertCheck – plus, I’ve also more or less frozen development on it (at least, until I graduate).

    For what you’re asking, I’d recommend a plugin like NoScript.

    Thanks for posting,


  6. twig

    Hey Mike,

    Great addon, but I’ve discovered a relatively annoying bug with it.

    If a popup is a blank string (“”) it will not close, even if the page is refreshed.
    I’ve run into it a couple of times when debugging some JS.

    If you’re not keen on updating the code, could you give some pointers on where I could go about fixing it?


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