6 thoughts on “That’s all, folks! or Becoming Randall Stevens

  1. Alecia

    Congrats Mike! Whoop Whoop! *high five* *chest bump* etc. etc.

    Soooo does this mean The Johnson Report will be booking more stage time?

  2. Florian

    Congratulations dude! I really enjoyed the Shawshank Redemption reference. You can’t help being a drama student, can you?

  3. Pain with Email Clients

    Congratulations and best wishes for your career at Mozilla!
    Here are my wishes for a Thunderbird-Developer:
    1) UNBLOAT!!! Really, Thunderbird is so slow and bloated, this is especially true if there are some plugins loaded, this should definitely be cured.
    2) PLEASE make it really portable! There are many reasons why it is good to have an email client on an usb stick and many reasons why I do not want to mix private mail with job mail in the same client, so Thunderbird should be really portable – that means it should be able to run multiple instances of thunderbird on one machine account at the same time without interferences.
    3) PLEASE check the functionality, usability and slickness of ritlabs TheBat – this is the all-time-fav for many people, and there is a reason for it – it is unbelievable good! I once talked to a developer of email clients (not mozilla) and the guy actually stated that he never did know about TheBat and was not even interested in looking at it – while I understand the emotional deepness of a developers soul when it comes to a comparison between “your baby and the other project” I totally did not understand how one person can be so dumb. Of course the client he worked on was really bad, ugly and totally antique in many aspects. PLEASE do not make the same error – take a look at what can be considered one of the best email clients in the universe and learn your lessons from it.

  4. Mike Post author

    @Pain with Email Clients:

    Hey – thanks for the well-wishes!

    As for the Thunderbird-wishes – I’ll do my best to make Thunderbird the best e-mail client it can be. 😀 Take care,


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