Lady Gaga

When I’m not hacking on Thunderbird, MarkUs, or Review Board, I usually spend my time playing in a band called The Johnson Report.

I normally don’t play the “band card”, but I’m particularly proud of this latest achievement, and wanted to share.

Here’s us playing some Lady Gaga.

4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga

  1. Matt Walton

    Oh that was fun. I liked the cat, and the interpretation of the music. Very nicely done, and I wish I could sing this style as well as your lead guy can.

  2. Ultimate Gaga Fan

    Wow! Not sure what I was expecting but that was brilliant! Cracking work guys, brilliant 😀

  3. Andrew Smith

    Hey, that’s not bad at all! I’ve been hearing you mention the band for a long long time but this is the first time I’ve actually heard any of it 🙂 Nice job!

    You should dscribe how the video was produced, must have been interesting. But I guess you won’t have the time to do that with all your TB hacking 🙂

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