Sync Thunderbird with your Google Contacts

There are a bunch of add-ons out there to help you sync Thunderbird with your Google Contacts.

I want to share my favourite one with you.

Simply named, “Google Contacts”, this add-on automatically detects if you have a GMail account in your profile, and does the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Honestly, it’s as easy as falling off a bike.

Get it here.

So a big thank you to the add-on developer, H. Ogi!

6 thoughts on “Sync Thunderbird with your Google Contacts

  1. Jeff

    I agree. This is the best contact synchronization add-on for Google Contacts. I have used a few others but came back to this one.

  2. Thomas Kregelin

    I am kind of reluctant to push all address and e-Mail information of all my colleagues and friends and family members to my google account. I know no one else really cares but is that an allowable excuse of willingly disclose all private information of people who don’t know or want that?

    CardDAV support for Thunderbird would be so much better. I personally use a davical server on my linux server and I think that is better then publish my contacts on my google account.

    Unfortunately no mozilla developer seems to care about native CardDAV support despite of now 208 votes on that bug (ever seen so many votes on a bug ??) which was filed two years ago. ( )

    @Mike: Do you have any updates on your progress with the address book? Will CardDAV support be available?

  3. Mixer Man

    Well after installing this update, my google contacts got duplicated hundreds of times. Took most of my weekend to restore and fix. Learned my lesson here, by not reading to review on the developers add on site. Lots of other people experiencing the same issue I had. Currently looking at ways to report this app and to have it pulled, as this kind of time wasting should be necessary.

  4. Michael Alderton

    Just installed this on 7 computers at a client site after touting Thunderbird as such a great alternative to M$ Office. Now I have clients screaming about hundreds of duplicates. A contact list of 953 contacts turned into over 7000 contacts!

    It’s just useless!! And I can’t find a better alternative. The client is now refusing to pay for the install due to all the extra time messing around trying to fix this. Somebody please either pull this useless add-on or get it working properly it’s a mess!

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