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Sync Thunderbird with your Google Contacts

There are a bunch of add-ons out there to help you sync Thunderbird with your Google Contacts.

I want to share my favourite one with you.

Simply named, “Google Contacts”, this add-on automatically detects if you have a GMail account in your profile, and does the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Honestly, it’s as easy as falling off a bike.

Get it here.

So a big thank you to the add-on developer, H. Ogi!

Getting to #1 on Google…

So I just Google’d “mike conley”.

This site was the 20th result. Not bad, but I’d like to do better.

Unfortunately, I have to compete with a professional basketball player, a singer-songwriter from Indiana, and an Olympic triple-jumper.

Yikes. Stiff competition. Luckily, I seem to be the only “Mike Conley” programmer/theatre enthusiast…