11 thoughts on “Cut the Rope in HTML5 and Javascript

  1. FX12

    This game doesn’t work in Firefox 12.0 even when forcing HTML5 Audio through http://www.cuttherope.ie/?html5audio=true

    And I refuse to install insecure, buggy crap like Adobe Flash Player which is no longer relevant on the Web. Someone at Mozilla should ask this developer to stop discriminating against non IE browsers.

  2. Robert O'Callahan

    It works for me, with or without html5audio=true.

    I wonder why they didn’t enable HTML5 audio for Firefox. They mention bugs for some users, but don’t list specific bugs.

  3. Wladimir Palant

    “Come back with Internet Explorer 9 and pin the game to your task bar” – that’s what you get after the first two sets of levels. That’s more of an advertising campaign than immediately obvious.

  4. bob

    I find it cool. The game works well in Firefox.

    Games Google create for Chrome generally don’t work well in Firefox, or any other browser. That’s what I call non-standard.
    Also, a large portion of those are anyway only accessible from a Chrome user agent via their market. Heh.

    The IE team made something rather standard. I think they should be applauded for that.

  5. James Tuck

    Doesn’t work for me in Firefox 9. I just get the loading screen and it’s stuck at zero percent. I don’t have Flash installed. Maybe that’s why it isn’t loading.

  6. Graeme Lyons

    In Firefox 10 beta I just get bubbles floating up the screen with a bubble in the middle which says “00%”. It doesn’t seem to load the game.

  7. Steve Smith

    I get the same “zero percent” behaviour described by others in Opera. I also don’t have Flash installed. The game evidently requires Flash in some way.

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