A Slight Redirection

Last week, I wrote a post about a plan to extend the up-and-coming B2G Contacts App into the next iteration of Thunderbird’s address book.

After careful consideration, we’re going to redirect that effort a little bit.

Instead of working on the Gaia Contacts App, I’ll instead be focusing on making the underlying Contacts API work on desktop (at least for Thunderbird).

We will then design an address book for Thunderbird, distinct from the Gaia Contacts app, to operate on top of the Contacts API.

I’m really sorry about the confusion. I made a mistake, and misinterpreted a few lines in an email, got excited, and then put up a blog post about it. My bad, and I’m sorry.  Here’s a puppy:


Ultimately, this is likely a good direction; extending a mobile application like the Contacts app to be a fully functional desktop address book was, in hindsight, a bit of a long-shot.

Anyhow, this is all implementation detail. The good news is that Thunderbird will be getting a new address book, and now we have full-reign to design the user experience and interface ourselves!

8 thoughts on “A Slight Redirection

  1. Koen

    Hi Mike

    Good to hear. I cannot wait to give the new addressbook a try. If you need any help, please let me know.



  2. Qwertzuiopü

    Nice to hear, thanks for the updates 🙂 And I think it’s even better this way \o/

  3. Tazz

    Good to hear that and thanks for the puppy.

    I think I’m speaking for a lot of TB users if I ask for some kind of ballpark figure for a timeline. Most people, who aren’t into programming have no clue how long things can take, and by no clue I mean _absolutely_ no clue. So will it be TB 14, TB 15…? When will first testing be possible?

    Give the crowd something to hold tight to. 😉

  4. Ben Bucksch

    Mike, this is good news. Desktop and Cellphone can’t have the same UI. I’m glad that you make a different UI based on a common (hopefully sane) API.

  5. Jonas

    When can we expect the new address book? Will it work with carddav servers? (Seriously, it should.)

  6. profemo


    I have the same question like Jonas: When comes the new Address book? Is it in the pipe and will occur with the tb15 version?

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